HYDERABAD -Several shopkeepers and customers were fined for violating standard operating procedures (SOPs) devised to control spread of coronavirus pandemic in the dis-trict. On the directives of Deputy Commissioner (DC) Fuad Ghaffar Soomro, the Assis-tant Commissioner (AC) Ishtiaq Ali Mangi visited different markets and shopping centres of taluka Latifabad to inspect the compliance of set SOPs and found sev-eral shopkeepers and costumers violating government directives to follow stand-ard operating procedures (SOPs) including wearing of face masks on public plac-es. The AC charged fine of Rs89,400 from shopkeepers and general public for violat-ing health advisory meant for containing COVID-19 spread in the district. The AC warned the businessmen and people visiting shopping centres of stern ac-tion if they were found violating SOPs in future as steady rising COVID-19 cases could become threat for the people of the district. Ishtiaq Mangi also provided face masks to those who were fined for violation of COVID-19 health advisory and appealed general public to follow SOPs to control coronavirus spread in the society as prevention was the only way to contain this viral infection.