Irrespective of who wins and the likelihood of Biden being the next US President, the US’s foreign policy would be based solely on their own national and global strategic interests. Pakistan needs to develop its relationship with countries in the region like China, based on common long-term strategic interests. There is a need for restructuring our foreign policy with collective input and soul searching by all stakeholders, with emphasis on economy and trade rather than these transactional policies. Unfortunately, Pakistan itself is responsible for basing its relations with the USA on a transactional basis, instead of on trade and infrastructure development seeking direct foreign investment with long term benefits to our economy.

An economically unstable country like Pakistan cannot afford to venture across its borders or be involved in proxy wars for the benefit of global powers. Seeking strategic depth beyond our borders has only resulted in making our own territory unsafe, leaving behind a legacy of terrorism and extremism which has shattered our economy and caused death for hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis and displaced millions. Performing errands in return for short term monetary benefits have benefitted powerful individuals, more than the country.