ISLAMABAD    -  Women-owned businesses in Pakistan that are ready to grow by becoming part of global supply chains will now have access to world-class training, networks, and information thanks to the launch of the Women’s Business Opportunity Initiative, an effort led by non-profit WEConnect International in coordination with Vital Voices Global Partnership and the US-Pakistan Women’s Council.

The initiative was announced at “Advancing Women’s Entrepreneurship and Supplier Diversity,” a virtual event taking place during the Global Entrepreneurship Week hosted by US Embassy Islamabad and the US-Pakistan Women’s Council, a unique public-private partnership between the U.S. government, Texas A&M University, and private companies and organizations in the United States and Pakistan.    

The initiative is designed to increase the inclusiveness and competitiveness of supply chains globally and to help women entrepreneurs in Pakistan access opportunities to grow their businesses and thrive.  

“Through this initiative, there is great potential to strengthen women entrepreneurs’ foothold in Pakistan’s economy, as well as across borders with multinational corporations.  Boosting revenues of women-owned businesses benefits their employees, families, and communities,” said US Embassy Islamabad Chargé d’affaires Angela P. Aggeler.

According to research presented during the event, approximately one-third of buyers in Pakistan procure from women-owned businesses, and one in four have a policy that encourages inclusive sourcing.  While promising, there remains room for improvement.  

The event also highlighted leaders in the business community and growth-oriented women-owned businesses.  

Through their efforts, Pakistani women will have more opportunities for meaningful labour force participation and economic growth in the future.