People of Pakistan must be repenting today what kind of rulers they have elected. But they should not be surprised. Allah says rulers are always the representatives of their masses, jaisee raaya, waisay hukmraan. Our so-called elected rulers vociferously claim that they have been elected for five years and, therefore, they must be allowed to complete the term. No doubt, they have been elected but they were elected to rule, not misrule. All hopes of the people have died. Masses are being fed on false promises, which they no longer believe in. Rulers are enjoying at the expense of the poor while the poor get nothing. Rulers are going for foreign trips, flying from place to place to attend weddings and walima parties. Democracy is supposed to be for the people, by the people, of the people. Is ours so? -SARFRAZ KARDAR, Bahawalpur, October 20.