LAHORE - Expressing concerns over military operation in Waziristan, Secretary General Jamaat-e-Islami Liaqat Baloch has demanded the government to immediately stop the operation and resolve the issues through dialogue. He was speaking at The Nation Forum here on Tuesday. Farooq Chohan and Farhan Shaukat were present on the occasion. Liaqat Baloch said the government had launched the operation on the US direction. He was of the view that the world powers would later demand launching the same operation in south Punjab and Karachi. He said political and religious forces and locals would be involved and the issues should be resolved in a democratic manner instead of going to the extreme of waging war against own citizens. He urged the parliament to reject NRO for ensuring supremacy of the democratic institutions and the system. Expressing concerns over the prevailing situation, he said the country was facing serious constitutional crisis while the PML-N was playing the role of a friendly opposition. He said the PPP-led government was not sincere in repealing the 17th amendment. He said the government that could not initiate probe into the tragic assassination of Benazir Bhutto would fail to resolve problems of the masses. He demanded the government to give rights to the provinces as envisaged in the constitution. He urged the federation to accept rights of provinces on their resources. Referring to the clarification of the US with regard to Kerry-Lugar Bill, Baloch said the step had no legal standings and it was merely a step to hide the controversial clauses. He urged the parliament to reject the Kerry-Lugar Bill as according to him it was against the national interests. He said the US diplomats were paying hectic visits and the top political parties had given assurance to accept the controversial aid bill. He urged the masses to come out on roads and protest against the growing US interference and controversial Kerry-Lugar Bill. He stressed upon public to openly express view in the JI referendum to be held on October 23.