KRISTEN Bell treats every acting job like its her last. The actress - who stars in new movie Couples Retreat - insists she loves her job, but always thinks shes on the verge of being replaced by someone better. After every job, I have 'Im never going to work again syndrome, she said. Its just a fact of loving what youre doing and always wanting more. The one thing I learned from my father is how to be extremely proactive. So when a series gets canceled or a movie wraps, I get on the phone. Im not an idiot. Ive got a mortgage to pay. Showbiz Spy Its just a matter of making smart decisions, as an actress and a businesswoman. There are a thousand girls out there that have great acting chops and are pretty and personable, and I could easily fall out of the loop. Someone else could take my place. I want to ride this wave while I have it. Showbiz Spy