ISLAMABAD In a bid to enhance the cash strapped Capital Development Authoritys (CDA) financial resources, the city managers have decided an 'open auction of its Khokhas (makeshift stalls) and advertising signboards situated across the city. It was learnt that, so far, these Khokhas and signboards were used to given as 'reward by the CDA officials, against a nominal price of Rs 32,000 per annum, to their blue-eyed that included the people with strong political backing including MNAs elected from the federal capital, relatives of CDA officials and interestingly the journalists who used to cover the events of the civic authority. An official said that some of these Khokhas were located at important business spots, like Lake View Point and Rawal Dam picnic spot where the per day income of one unit was Rs 30,000 to Rs 35,000, while in return the owners were paying Rs 2,000 per month in the account of rent to CDA. Same is the issue in case of signboards, which have been given at the small price of Rs 2,000 or in some cases Rs 3,000 to such elements, who further rent them out even against Rs 100,000. Most of these signboards were installed in busy markets and important thoroughfares of the city. While another suggestion, though in pipeline, in this regard, was to announce entry ticket at Lake View Point, according to initial statistics CDA could generate Rs 40.7 million per annum from this exercise. An official, while talking to TheNation, confessed that the authority in past always used these small sources of income as a 'reward to some elements. He said that by using these income sources CDA could generate millions of rupees, however, in past nobody paid heed towards it. We have been taking ground measures to generate income from the sources, which were neglected in past, an official said in addition that the exercise would help the authority to stable its financial position.