PESHAWAR In order to bring the people of war-hit Malakand division back to their normal lives, who were traumatized due to militant-military clashes, the 'Batting for Change Cricket gala has been kicked off in district Bunir with a great enthusiasm. Regional Institute of Policy Research & Training RIPORT in collaboration with ML Resources Social Vision is organizing the events aimed at engaging the youth in healthy activities. The opening ceremony was held at Bach Ghatha in district Bunir, which was inaugurated by MPA Qaiser Wali Khan, who was chief guest on the occasion. Almost 24 teams from different far-flung villages are taking part in the cricket festival. The MPA on the occasion appreciated the determination of the people of Bunir, who he said did not bow down before the militants and did not allow them to stay in the peaceful valley. He lauded the efforts made by RIPORT (Regional Institute of Policy Research & Training and ML Resources Social Vision for the people of Bunir. He also announced Rs1.5m package for the renovation and boundary wall of the cricket ground in which this cricket festival has been arranged. The MPA also assured that he would fully support the efforts being carried out by RIPORT & ML Resources. He said that in an insurgency situation, such type of healthy activities would help the inhabitants and the war-effected with trauma recovery, and help them in recovery to normal life. He appealed to all the community members to participate in such type of healthy activity which helps regain our peaceful environment of District Buner. The Project Manager of RIPORT, Batting for Change Project, Mr.Khursheed Khan said that they were trying to bring back peace and harmony in Buner through the participation of youth in different healthy activities. 'When we announced the registration for the cricket Festival we faced problems of registration that lot of teams approached us from different region, after that we decided that we will take initiative from Bunir Distt. We registered 24 local cricket teams in first phase with the coordination of ML Resources, he said. Project Manager paid special thanks to the Qaiser Wali Khan MPA for participation in the opening ceremony and praised the community's senior members who diligently supported him during the preparation for the cricket tournament. Khursheed Khan Project Manager said this was the first game activity in this region in which they got tremendous support and favour from all the sectors of society, adding that they plan to expand such healthy activities to other militancy-hit areas.