RAWALPINDI - Rawalpindi Medical College (RMC) and Allied Hospitals (AHs) Principal Dr Musaddiq Khan has saved his skin in the worst case of Pakistans medical history regarding recruitment of fake doctors in District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital. Sources say bureaucracy in the Health Department at Lahore and PML-N mighty legislators are backing him, sources revealed to TheNation here on Tuesday. The sources also said that Punjab government had netted even small fishes involved in the recruitment of fake doctors and other misconduct action in DHQ Hospital but had spared the real culprits including Dr Musaddiq Khan from punishment for their key role in this fraud. Dr Musaddiq Khan is the head of all administrative and financial matters of RMC and AHs including District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital, Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) and Holy Family Hospital (HFH) and is answerable in case of any misconduct in the aforementioned departments. But, unfortunately, he was not even asked by authorities concerned for his misdeeds, sources insisted. According to procedure, AHs Principal advertises the recruitment of doctors in the national newspapers. He also takes interviews from the candidates as the head of the selection committee. After selection of suitable candidates, AHs Principal is responsible to send the names of selected candidates to the Secretary Health Punjab for final approval. After approval, he sends the name list back to the principal. Finally, the principal issues appointment letter, sources added. Keeping in view the strict procedure, it is impossible to recruit half dozen of doctors on bogus degrees in the public sector hospitals and as a matter of fact, even a sweeper cannot be inducted in AHs without Dr Musaddiqs consent. It is astonishing to note that in the light of inquiry report, 12 persons were found guilty and on the orders of CM Punjab, a case was registered against them including MS DHQ Dr Kahlid Iqbal Malik but it wondered many that all in all of RMC and AHs Dr Mussadiq Khan was provided safe passage and no one even touched him. The sources aware of the whole episode confided that some senior doctors of DHQ Hospital also called on AHs Principal Dr Musaddiq and informed him about increasing ratio of administrative irregularities in the hospital and that they were feeling uneasy to work under such circumstances. Do not create problems for the MS DHQ Khalid Iqbal Malik. If you people are feeling uneasy then you should quit the job sources coated Dr Musaddiq as saying. After passage of some time, when newspapers made headlines exposing these irregularities, Dr Musaddiq Khan, instead of contacting Secretary Health, appointed an inexperienced Dr Shugufta Sial, a Gynecologist, to probe into the matter in a bid to modify the inquiry findings as per his choice, which shows Musaddiqs involvement in the scam of appointment of fake doctors in DHQ Hospital, sources added. Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif had to intervene into the scam by constituting an inquiry committee when electronic media highlighted the issue. Another incident which reflects the involvement of Dr Musaddiq Khan in the whole saga is that on Monday night on Principals pressure, MS DHQ Dr Khalid Iqbal Malik was admitted in Cardiology Care Unit (CCU) of HFH showing him as heart patient.