KARACHI - Since the rapid development of infrastructure and construction of flyovers, underpasses, especially of signal free corridors in the City, fatal road accidents are on the rise and on an average 4 to 5 people died in these accidents while dozens injured on a daily basis. There are so many reasons that can be blamed for this dilemma but lack of coordination among the Sindh Transport Ministry, the traffic police, and Transport and Communication Department (TCD) of the CDGK is major factor, besides reckless driving and lack of road safety education, The Nation learnt on Tuesday. The Sindh Transport Ministry, the CDGKs TCD and Traffic police have failed to draw a joint strategy to control the increasing accidents in the City. However, the TCD is doing its level best to formulate several programs to control the rapid increase in fatal accidents but due to its meagre resources the task can not be fulfilled alone by only the TCD, unless the provincial transport ministry and traffic police will not play their due role. It is quite clear that only TCD is doing whatever work they can do for brining betterment in the traffic system otherwise the other two major players of the system do not take any interest to control increasing number of deaths in the fatal road accidents. However, the latest development in the communication resolve the problems of traffic congestion and grind lock on all major thoroughfares in the City but the latest development work in the road infrastructure has also made the reason of fatal accidents, as due to long signal free corridors, widen roads, flyovers commuters of private vehicles and public transport plying their vehicles fast resulting horrible fatal accidents are occurring daily and some times seven to eight people killed in a single day, it is observed. It may be noted that according to the TCD and traffic police own statistics, more then 700 people killed in the City every year in traffic related accidents since 1990, while around 2,000 injured. Among the killed people 51 % are pedestrians out of which 26 % are children. However, the traffic experts have serious reservations about figures and ratio and raised objections that how it possible when the number of vehicles increased in hundred on a daily basis and citys population reached to 180 million. How it is possible that during last 19 years the ratio of killing people in the metropolis remained between 675 to 700 annually. Time has come that all the traffic related departments and institutions sit together and make a comprehensive plan to combat the situation and save precious lives of citizens. At least speed of the vehicles of both private vehicles and public transport should be restricted on those routes which have been declared danger zones. Pedestrian bridges should be developed over all widen roads and signal free corridors. Massive campaigns of road safety education should be launched with the help of print and electronic media to aware the citizens. It may be noted that establishment of Children road safety education parks was an old project of TCD and had to be established in a park in Clifton but, it could not be materialized due to meagre resources and some other reasons. The CDGKs plan to install 116 pedestrian bridges on all those places where requirement is needed is being delayed due to financial crisis.