ISLAMABAD In view of growing security concerns and information given by sensitive agencies, the federal government has decided to launch a comprehensive operation to comb all religious seminaries and orphanages across the country to nab terrorists taking refuge in these bodies. The sources in the government disclosed to TheNation that federal government in this regard would soon act in coordination with provincial governments and Wafaqul Madris, an umbrella organisation dealing with the religious educational institutions, to comb the seminaries and orphanages across the country to check the possibility of miscreants taking refuge in these institutions. The sources further disclosed that the government was already in the process of getting all the religious seminaries registered with Wafaqul Madris so that all these institutions and the students studying there would be registered. The sources further disclosed that the campaign of getting these seminaries into some discipline was launched much earlier but due to the strong opposition from some of the religious leaders, the matter was shelved at that time. But now with the surge in the terrorist activities, it was decided that the process of registration of religious seminaries be expedited, the sources added. It was further informed that besides the process of registration, the law enforcement agencies could raid the seminaries suspected of providing shelter to the miscreants anywhere in the country and in this respect, the officials of sensitive agencies would not give any prior intimation to the provincial governments. Meanwhile, it was further decided to improve the coordination and intelligence sharing between the secret agencies operating at federal and provincial level to effectively track down the terrorists. The sources further informed that after the recent wave of terror wherein the terrorists had even managed to breach the three-line security cover of GHQ, the military establishment had decided to cover the weaknesses in the intelligence and investigation network operating at various tiers, as it was the only way to thwart the activities of the terrorists who were out to destabilise the state institutions. Meanwhile JUI(F) Amir Maulana Fazlur Rehman said that foreign agenda against religious seminaries would not be allowed to succeed. In a telephonic conversation with central party leaders including Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri, Maulana Muhammad Abdullah and Maulana Amjad Khan from abroad, he discussed the serious situation arising out of the recent wave of terror in the country and the imminent crackdown of law enforcement agencies on religious seminaries. JUI(F) spokesman Maulana Muhammad Amjad Khan told media persons that Maulana Fazlur Rehman would be returning home after cutting short his visit keeping in view the gravity of the situation. Amjad said that in his chat with party leaders, Fazl criticised rulers for launching fresh offensive on seminaries to please their foreign masters and advised them not to open new fronts.