Washington DC - Ambassador Haqqani has been appearing on many fora in the US before and after he became ambassador for Pakistan. A study of his remarks reveals an interesting perspective he has on Pakistan and the Muslim World. For instance, on April 1, 2005, Cleveland Jewishnews.com quoted Haqqani as having stated: Muslim worlds problems are much bigger than antagonism to Israel, Jews and Militancy. He went on to hold the Saudis responsible for almost every problem. Given how Saudi Arabia is one of Pakistans most critical allies, apart from the deep emotive bond between the two Muslim nations, this statement would hardly have gone down well before either Pakistanis or Saudis. But this anti-Saudi theme has been a particular favourite of the ambassadors. For instance, on an earlier occasion, on March 2, 2004, at the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs he declared that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are two of the USs most difficult allies ... They are not allies at all ... but sources of trouble ... The fact that (an al Qaeda terrorist) feels so comfortable with Pakistani intelligence officers ... is a source of worry in itself. Haqqani was also a frequent guest speaker at forums which have been set up by separatists in the US and Canada. His statements in such forums are interesting. For instance, at the Nov 6, 2006 meeting of the World Sindhi Institute, his remarks included his view that Pakistan is not historical, like France or India, it is a constitutional state. Pakistan was created in hurry and its greatest support was from those areas which did not become part of Pakistan later. So the idea emerged that used Islam as a unifying bond. Then he went on to add that Sindhis have a liberal religion as if somehow the attempt to use Islam as a symbol of unity was opposed by them Again, at the same meeting, he explained, India has 23 national languages but Pakistan was pressing hard for Urdu. Pakistans elite decided Islam would be unifying and India an enemy. He also went on to deride Pakistan further by declaring that Pakistan is a rent seeking unit from the US, may it be Russia or terrorism, they are available as the most allied ally. Finally, he attacked the settlers of Balochistan, now the target of killings in that province, by demanding that Punjabis in Balochistan should learn to respect Balochis and should not side with the government. The way the Army did not help Biharis who took the wrong side and are still there at the mercy of Bengalis. Either you can come back on tanks or on trains as POWs. A month later, on December 5, 2006, at the CARR Center for Human rights Policy, Haqqani again gave his view that Pakistan has become a rented state; it is benefiting from its geographic location. As per the declassified documents, Ayub Khan said, 'Our army can be yours, if you pay the right price. We perform certain services and in return get economic benefits. Much later, at the Asia Society, New York, on March 27, 2007, with reference to military aid to Pakistan, he expressed the view that military aid, none of the arsenals, has any relevance to countering Al-Qaeda. He did state the obvious when he said, on the same occasion, US pressure is there to do more, which is being resented by people of Pakistan. They see it as Americans war. Now which of these quotable quotes of Haqqanis made it apparent to the Zardari regime that he would be the ideal representative of Pakistans interests in the US?