Pakistan could not build a large hydroelectric dam in the past 3 decades due to inter-provincial discord. Due to this, the Water Accord of 1991 has been of no benefit to any province. It had been promised in this Accord that any new water storage would give 37% share each to Sindh and Punjab while Balochistan and NWFP were to get 12% and 14% respectively. The present scenario of commencing construction of only Bhasha dam from 2010 while shelving Kalabagh dam for unforeseeable future spells disaster for the nation. Bhasha dam would need 10-12 years to complete due to multiple hurdles and escalated costs that could be as high as US$12 billion due to the new 135 Km long Karakoram Highway that has to be broken and reconstructed plus the transmission costs over a distance that long. The Kalabagh dam would have cost almost 60 percent less than Bhasha and would have taken 6-7 years less to build. But the levers of government are in the hands of a party that cannot see beyond its nose. The looming water and power crisis has left that buffoon of a Minister of Water & Power powerless to do anything. The Kalabagh project, though, would remain shelved, he says. -DR M. YAQOOB BHATI, Lahore, October 19.