ISLAMABAD As many as six people, most of them students, were killed and some 42 others sustained injuries when two suicide bombers blew themselves up one after the other here at the new campus of International Islamic University. The first suicide blast occurred at female students cafeteria when a number of students were having lunch that left four killed, including two female students and one security guard and with the interval of just two minutes another suicide bomber blew himself up at the first floor of the Imam Abu Hanifa block that left two killed, university students said. An eyewitness Muhammad Mashooq, cook by profession in University, told TheNation that a young man wearing a shawl entered the female cafeteria and within seconds he blew himself up with explosives. He said that the security guard stopped a suspected person at the gate but he (bomber) hit him hard and succeeded in reaching the female cafeteria where he blew himself up, he added. He said, when the blast occurred at the female cafeteria the caf was fully packed with students and most of them died or were injured, he added. An injured female student said, The explosion sent a shaft of light into the air and I fell unconscious. When I got my senses there were broken windowpanes everywhere in the cafeteria. There was a pool of blood besides me and the injured were crying for help, she added. Similarly, another eyewitness Prof Iklaq Rasool said that he was present at Imam Abu Hanifa block. I was next to the office of Zia Sahib, Head of Department of Shariah. I saw the suicide attack carried out in front of his office, he added. He said that although the classes were underway at the time of the blast in Imam Abu Hanifa block but at the same time there was an electricity breakdown thats why mostly students were out of the block. It may be recalled here that Faculty of Usul-ud-din, Faculty of Shari and Law, Faculty of Arabic and Faculty of Language and literature are located in the block. The injured were shifted to PIMS, NESCOM, and KRL hospitals and dead bodies were shifted to PIMS. According to PIMS administration, five dead bodies and 23 injured were brought to the hospital. Those who died include Shaukat Bhatti, Pervaiz Masih, Sidra Khalid and others including Hena Sikander While the injured people are Alina Bashir 22, Aqsa 18, Asma Basheer 17, Ayesha Ambreen 21, Irrum Hassan 20, Kanwal Parveen 18, Maham 19, Nadia Sheraz 22, Najam Idress 45, Nida Jamshed 19, Saira Mubeen 20, Samra Basheer 19, Seeda Minhaz 33, Shella Abbasi 24, Sobia Jahsheed 16, Uzma Ijaz 21, Warda Illyas 20, M Idress 60, M Raza 55, Shaukat Ali 40, Tanveer Khan 27, Waqar 20, and Zia-ud-Din 30. A senior doctor of PIMS told TheNation that injured Aqsa, Samra Basheer and Zia-ud-Din are in critical condition. Soon after the blasts officials of law-enforcement agencies apprehended two suspects from the crime scene, one was arrested when he was suspiciously roaming in front of female cafeteria while the other was arrested inside the cafeteria. It is pertinent to mention here that some body pieces including four legs were also brought to PIMS and it is being considered by police that these are suicide bombers bodies parts. It may be relevant to note here that the Islamic University enjoys a good reputation amongst the worlds major Islamic institutions, attracting a number of foreigner students and locals as well. Some students felt this attack could be a conspiracy against the University itself. Spokesman of IIUI said that university has been closed for four days to mourn Tuesday bomb blasts. He also informed that two University Guards also died in the blasts. Police spokesman on the behalf of DIG said that five people including two female students were died in the blasts. He said that police found skull and body parts of suicide bombers. He informed that five to six kilograms explosive were used respectively in two blasts. Agencies add: The bombing of Islamabads International Islamic University was the seventh major militant attack in just over a fortnight and the first since the military launched what officials vowed would be a knockout blow against the Taliban. We are in a state of war. They will make every effort to destabilise the country. These so-called Islamists are enemies of Islam and enemies of Pakistan, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said at Islamabads main hospital. Broken glass and pieces of charred flesh littered the faculty buildings first floor, where blood dripped down the stairwell and students stepped through the debris, choking under heavy smoke, an AFP reporter said. Seven people including two suicide bombers are dead, and 29 injured in the two attacks. Among the dead is one female, senior city administration official Rana Akbar Hayat told AFP at the scene of the attack. Doctor Minhajul Siraj, at Islamabads main hospital, confirmed there were five dead bodies in the morgue, with 22 people wounded including 16 women. The first blast ripped through the faculty of Islamic jurisprudence used by male students and the second hit the womens cafeteria, law student Qudrat Ullah told AFP from the scene. There is panic. Students are rushing to donate blood. There are a lot of police arrived inside the building, he said. Casualties were taken away first in private vehicles. Then ambulances arrived. I saw several people wounded. The sprawling university teaches over 12,000 students, nearly half of them female and including hundreds of foreigners, focusing on education that incorporates Islam in modern times. Although there was no immediate claim of responsibility, Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked extremists have carried out a two-year campaign of suicide bombings and commando raids that have killed 2,280 people. Whether they claim or dont claim, all roads lead to South Waziristan, the interior minister said, referring to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda stronghold on the Afghan border where the military launched its offensive at the weekend. A barrage of attacks since October 5 has left more than 170 people dead, underlining the scale of the insurgency that authorities are trying to halt. The Taliban last week staged an audacious raid on Army Headquarters in Rawalpindi, with 23 people killed and 39 hostages freed by troops. Five UN World Food Programme workers were killed earlier this month when a suicide bomber dressed in military uniform walked into their office in Islamabad and blew himself up. Authorities believe that many of the bombings and suicide attacks in Pakistan, as well as attacks in the West, are being planned in South Waziristan.