ALL-PARTIES Hurriyet Conference Chairman Ali Geelani has announced a protest throughout the Occupied State against the Indian military being given more than 4.161 million kanals of land to build cantonments. This was the issue that Mr Geelani raised in a press conference in Srinagar after several weeks under house arrest. At the press conference he said that the Indian military had already occupied the land, where it had built residences for the forces stationed there. Mr Geelani announced that on October 30, there would be a peaceful demonstration and strike in Shopian, while there would be a movement against the occupation throughout the State. The landgrab by the Indian occupation forces is not just an attempt to change the Muslim-majority status of Kashmir, but also comes after a huge protest against the attempt to hand over state land for the use of Hindu pilgrims. This is also the latest attempt to give Kashmiri land to non-Kashmiris under the excuse of a transfer to a federal department. The land given to the Hindu pilgrims, by the Kashmir state forest department to the Amarnath Shrine Board, had to be reversed after massive protests by the populace, which led to several deaths in police firing, which indicates that Kashmiris will not tolerate the wanton handing over of Kashmiri land, even if it is state land, under any circumstance. This is not the first attempt to grab Kashmiri land by the New Delhi government, which has always attempted to reverse its own solemn commitments, made to the UN, through its Resolutions, to have a plebiscite in Kashmir so that its people may express the right of self-determination. The evil logic goes that if the Occupied State loses its Muslim majority, the need for a plebiscite will somehow go away. Now the landgrab is being carried out by the occupation forces, even though they have carried out so many murders and rapes. This makes them peculiarly unsuited to occupy Kashmiri land, which they would make more unsafe by their predatory tactics, whereby they would terrorise the neighbouring population. While transferring land to the Indian occupying forces is the logical next step that New Delhi will try in its unending attempt to change the Kashmiri majority in the State into a minority, the gallant Kashmiri people will, as before foil this latest attempt. However, this is doubly dangerous: this land has already been occupied, and built upon; and the occupiers are the occupying forces, not a civilian department. Therefore, India should immediately make sure that it does not worsen its already bad position.