KARACHI (PR) - Fifty one branches of MCB Bank Limited were forcibly closed down by a group of hooligans, in spite of Sindh High Court orders restraining the group of outsiders from interfering in the normal business activities of the bank. Unchecked illegal activities by the Karachi police of this group has perturbed banking circles and created problems for the customers of bank. The court had ordered Sindh Government and IG Sindh to ensure that the mandate of the court is enforced by providing full protection and security to the management, officials, employees and customers of MCB Bank. The Court also instructed the said authorities to provide secure access to MCB employees and its customers to the banks branches. It is regretful that local administration, so far, has been unable to implement the court order in letter and spirit. MCB staff has been repeatedly threatened, branch operations forcibly disrupted at numerous locations, customers not been allowed to transact causing inconvenience and financial loss to them and their businesses. It may be mentioned here that MCB has a legally elected CBA. The bank has recently negotiated a Charter of Demand with the said declared CBA in the year 2009; and a healthy salary increment of 24% was given by the bank to the employees. It may also be recalled that the said the group is not the elected Collective Bargaining Agent (CBA) of MCB Bank Ltd as misrepresented by them in their pamphlets and statements. 'MCB Workers Union is the legal CBA as it is recognized by the NIRC.