KARACHI - The lawmakers of Sindh Assembly on Tuesday emphasised on the provincial government to keep vigil on the installation of mobile phone companies tower which causing spreading of cancer and other severe diseases among citizens. The provincial lawmakers raised the issue in continuance of a question asked by Arif Mustafa Jatoi of NPP regarding necessary requirement of provincial governments approval is not required for setting up mobile phone towers on buildings and land in the province, and criteria for allowing installation of a tower. Minister for Information Technology Department Muhammad Raza Haroon said that this question was not related to his department; however, district governments concerned, Building Control Authority and Environmental Agency were the responsible authorities for approval of installation of the mobile phone towers in the province. NPP MPA Arif Jatoi asking supplementary question said that the radio wave capacity of mobile phone towers was limited because it had been proved that these radio waves could cause cancer and other severe diseases among citizens, and he also asked that any proposal was under consideration to control the installation of mobile phone towers. Haroon said that he could not comment on this issue as this subject relate to the Environment Agency and other department concerned. He also said that though it is the responsibility of the provincial government but its does not falls under the Information Technology department. PPP MPA Dr Ahmed Ali Shah raised a point that psychological disorder also can emerge in the citizens due to radio wave of mobile phone towers, so provincial government should take responsibility to control the mobile phone companies in the province. Minister for Local Government Department Agha Siraj Durani informed the House that under building control rules 1979, it was mandatory for mobile companies to get approval from building authority for installation of the mobile phone towers. However, keeping in view to the risks and spreading diseases, the government is going to amend the building control rules 1979. Meanwhile, replying to another question asked by Arif Mustafa Jatoi regarding province wise audio video conference calling network project, the minister said that Information Department was going to establish audio video conferencing system with Rs149.87 million, which was one-time cost of the project. Sharing the benefits of the project, he said that government spends Rs384 million on travelling of the officers, DCOs and other staffs concerned in terms of attending meetings in Karachi annually. In contrast to this, the annual recurring expenditure of video conferencing system is to be Rs57.67 million annually, which is much less than the annual travelling of officers, he said, adding that this project is in testing process and would be launched within a week. Furthermore, the video conferencing system will help in improving the work quantity, increase productivity, reduce travelling cost and improve communication, he commented.