LAHORE - The PML-Ns decision to give the office of Chairman Public Accounts Committee-I (PAC-I) to the Opposition has created rift within the PML-Q, which is finding it hard to come up with a consensus candidate in todays election to the said office. Two candidates from the Opposition, Ch Zaheeruddin, who is also Leader of the Opposition in Punjab Assembly, and Mohsin Leghari, are face to face, and till the filing of this report neither of the two was ready to withdraw his candidature. Though efforts are underway to convince Mohsin Leghari to withdraw his candidature vis-a-vis Ch Zaheer, but he is less likely to oblige his partys leadership on the issue, a close friend of Mr Leghari told this scribe, adding, he (Leghari) can perform and deliver better compared to Ch Zaheeruddin, another aspirant of the office from the same party. Ch Zaheer was not available despite repeated attempts to get his version of the story. Mohsin Leghari claims to have secured the support of nine PAC members. The votes of PMLL-N members, and also those of PML-Q forward bloc would prove a decisive factor in todays election, as the PPP and PML-Q are not in a position to get their candidate elected. The PAC-I consists of 13 members, out of which, six belong to PML-N (also including three members of PML-Q forward bloc), four to PPP and three have been taken from the PML-Q. They include: Mian yarwar Zaman (PML-N), Mehr Ishtiaq Ahmad (PML-N), Miss Zaib Jaffer (PML-N), Ch Muhammad Arshad (PML-Q forward bloc), Dr. Malik Mukhtar Ahmad Bharath (PML-Q forward bloc), Rana Ejaz Ahmad Noon (PML-Q forward bloc), Major (R) Abdur Rehman Rana (PPP), Syed Nazim Hussain Shah (PPP), Ch Muhammad Tariq Gujjar (PPP), Ch Zaheeruddin (PML-Q), Mohsin Leghari (PML-Q) and Mian Shafi Muhammad It may be noted that previously the PML-N was opposed to the idea of giving this office to the Opposition unlike the PPP, which decided to give the slot of Chairman PAC to Leader of the Opposition, Ch Nisar Ali Khan immediately after constitution of the National Assembly. Before the PML-N finally decided to leave the prestigious slot for the Opposition, a delay of one-and-half year had already taken place in the election. 'No difference among provinces over NFC' Provincial Minister for Finance Tanvir Ashraf Kaira has overruled differences among provinces on the new National Finance Commission Award (NFC) and said all provinces are going in the right direction regarding distribution of fiscal resources. While talking to a delegation of Pakistan Peoples Party at his office here Tuesday, the minister said there had been a positive development on the Award and most of the issues among the provinces had been resolved. He said all provinces wanted increase in the share of the divisible pool. The announcement of the NFC Award would help dispense with the sense of deprivation among the provinces and promote intra-harmony. He said the impression that award was based on population alone is wrong. Punjab has a 57 per cent share in the population but 47 per cent share in the resources. He said no doubt population based resource distribution formula was a strong base but Punjab was ready to negotiate on other bases like poverty, area and backwardness. He was of the view that new NFC Award would be announced in a democratic manners and all rights of the provinces would be protected in the award because we all well aware of each other problems. The minister said they wanted to distribute resources among provinces on the basis of judicious formula and there should not be discrimination among provinces regarding distribution of financial resources.