LAHORE - Delayed it might have been since it was not in session, the Punjab Assembly on Wednesday unanimously passed resolution to express disapproval and condemnation of the Gojra killings. The Assembly also observed two-minute silence in the memory of those killed in the unfortunate incident. Moreover, the resolution demanded stringent action against the perpetrators, and expressed solidarity with the Christians. The resolution, jointly moved by MPAs Khalil Tahir Sindhu, Pervaiz Rafique, Tahir Naveed, Joel Amir Sahotra, Rana Asif Mehmood, Najmi Salim and Engineer Shehzad Elahi, provincial minister Kamran Michael, while presenting the resolution, read that the House condemned the unfortunate incidents of Koriyan village (July 30) and Christian Colony Gojra (August 1), and expressed complete solidarity with the relatives of those killed in the incident. The House expresses complete solidarity with the Christian community in Pakistan and assures that rights of minorities will completely protected. Moreover, the House also demands immediate stern punishment of people responsible for these incidents, said the resolution. After the resolution was passed unanimously, Oppositions Sardar Mohsin Khan Leghari asked Law Minister Rana Sanaullah to inform the House about the findings of the inquiry commission. Rana Sana told the House that the committee had completed its work. However, he fell short of giving commitment about informing the House since he had to discuss the issue with the Chief Minister. PML-N minority MPA Rana Asif Mehmood observed that an incident burning a Church and killing of a person was also reported in Sumbrial (Sialkot). The resolution did not pacify the minority MPAs, especially PPPs Pervaiz Rafique, who expressed dissatisfaction over the manner in which the Gojra incident was tackled. Wrong impression is being imparted about the incident, and being portrayed as if it was a dispute, he observed, while adding that it was an attack, while the aggressors were yet to be arrested despite the fact that culprits had been identified. The District Police Officer was also nominated in the FIR for negligence damaging the Christian colony, but he was only made Officer on Special Duty. We want his arrest, and subsequent punishment, he demanded. Emotionally charged Pervaiz added that people were burnt alive in Gojra, which had never happened earlier. The Punjab government must take measures to prevent such occurrences in the future, he said. Rana Sana responded to this by saying that all the people, who were leading the angry mob in both incidents, had been arrested. Any official found guilty of the crime will be dealt according to the law, he assured the House, but it was not enough for Pervaiz Rafique, who pointed out that one Javed Haider Shah - the accused for inciting the people sentiments - had not been arrested. This annoyed Rana Sana, who observed that the member was not acting in a right manner. If the report proved the Shah guilty, he will be arrested as well, he reassured the House. Another MPA Ilyas Chinioti wanted that the House should be informed about other reasons leading to this incident.