ISLAMABAD (APP) Lauding the decision of Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) for not closing its institutions, the students said that they would not succumb to terrorists threats who want to destabilise fabric of society. The students of various institutions have expressed resolve to join their hands against terrorists. Schools located in cantonments in various parts of the country and most of the private schools were closed due to threats posed by present security situation in the country. However, the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) decided to continue to hold classes in schools and colleges under its control. Talking to the agency, Zunara Khalid, a student of local school, said, We must fight against the scourge of terrorism with unity instead of abandoning the studies. Terrorists want suspension of educational activities, and we must not serve their purpose by creating harassment among the parents and children, she said. Another student Ali said that terrorists wanted to keep the students away from studies so that the country could not progress. Educated youth can play its due role to make them fail in their nefarious designs, he added. Closure of educational institutions will have psychological impact on the minds of the children, and will create a sense of insecurity, another student said. The government is playing its role for eradicating the terrorist activities, but civil society and especially the educational institutions should join hands with them, he maintained. Talking to the agency, Principal of Islamabad College for Management and Commerce (ICMC) Amir Rizwan appreciated the decision of FDE of not closing the educational institutions. The holidays will affect the study routine of the students and create a sense of insecurity. Especially, college students who have to cover their syllabus in a limited time period will be disturbed. Rizwan said, The situation is normal as far as FDE institutes are concerned. My own child is going to school without any fear. However, an official of Roots School System said majority of private institutions in twin cities and federal government schools in Cantonment areas have been closed for a week. So, the management of Roots School System also closed all its branches for a week.