MULTAN Holding Americans responsible for the emergence of terrorism in the region, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi maintained on Tuesday it was a 30-year-old menace that surfaced when the US suddenly quit this region after disintegration of the Soviet Union. Weve made it clear to the Americans that they are responsible for this problem. They established training camps and created mujahideen to disintegrate Russia. When it collapsed, they left and we fell prey to the menace of terrorism, he lamented while addressing a news conference here at Multan Airport. He said Pakistan was suffering from terrorism till today. He said the terrorism issue needed a regional-level solution and the entire region including Afghanistan and Iran should support Pakistan. He claimed that the international community lauded Pakistans efforts for uprooting terrorism. He asserted Pakistan would not let anyone use its soil for terrorism. He said all illegal immigrants including Uzbeks would be expelled and the manufacturers of suicide bombers would be destroyed. Referring to ongoing Army operation, he claimed that all political parties were consulted prior to launching Waziristan operation. He said the progress in the operation was encouraging. He said all arrangements had been made to settle such people, displaced owing to the operation. He said about over 100,000 citizens had so far migrated from the Waziristan area. To a query on Kerry-Lugar Bill, he said there was no ambiguity on the bill now, though the final decision on it would be made by the Parliament. He urged upon the political parties to refrain from indulging in political scoring as it could harm the national interests. He claimed that no condition was attached to the bill. Were not bound to accept any American condition. But we need their support to defeat terrorists. Thats why well have to improve our relations with the Americans instead of deteriorating them, he added. He told the journalists that the US was going to revise its Afghan policy. Weve made it clear to the American government that they should take Pakistan into confidence prior to declaring this policy. If the policy affects Pakistan, it will affect the entire region, he warned. He said the US had also assured Pakistan government that they had no intention to interfere in the internal affairs of Pakistan. They say theyre satisfied with the cooperation rendered by Pakistan on nuclear issues, he claimed. He urged upon the intellectuals, students, labourers, traders, farmers and politicians to support the government to steer the country out of the prevailing crisis. He said Pakistan was passing through a very critical phase and it badly needed unity at national level. He expressed the hope that the ongoing operation 'Rah-e-Nijat would succeed like operation 'Rah-e-Rast. We are fully backed by the public. Now the people know that the terrorists and terrorism are a cancer for the country and their elimination is in the national interest, he added. According to him, Pakistan would get aid worth $7.5 billion in five years under Kerry-Lugar Bill. Well utilise this aid to uplift education, health and agriculture sectors, as well as to end energy crisis. It will also help eradicate poverty from the country, he added. He said Pakistan government apprised the US of the concerns, expressed by the political and Army leadership of the country after which the US senate and congress issued an explanatory statement. The reservations should stand clear now, he added. He said he visited America to create consensus on Kerry-Lugar Bill. I met with vice president Biden, Holbrook and Hillary Clinton. They all want good relations with Pakistan. They also want to steer us out of energy crisis, he claimed. He said Senator John Kerry also visited Pakistan and met with the President, Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif and Army leadership to address their concerns over the bill. He said Pakistan was going to receive F-16 jet fighters as a result of successful diplomacy of the government while American Foreign Secretary Hillary Clinton was also coming down to Pakistan soon. He maintained that Friends of Democratic Pakistan had announced to give more funds to boost Pakistans trade. He strongly condemned recent suicide attack in Iran, saying President Asif Zardari talked to his Iranian counterpart and assured him of full support of Pakistan government. Their (Iranian) delegation is coming to Pakistan. Well fully cooperate with them and clear their reservations, he added. Referring to his recent US visit to attend UN moot, he said he conversed with American think tanks and editors of newspapers and apprised them of Pakistans viewpoint on different issues. He said he presented current picture of Pakistan to clear their suspicions on role of Pakistan in the prevailing scenario. He said he also met with the foreign ministers of Iran, India, Afghanistan and many other countries. I discussed issues like Kashmir, water, trade and prisoners in meeting with my Indian counterpart. Though theyre reluctant to acknowledge our endeavour against terrorism publicly, they, however, individually admire our performance, he claimed.