SADIQABAD - The Punjab inspector general of police has directed the Bahawalpur regional police officer to take strict action against adulterators at 29 points of Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar and Rahim Yar Khan. In the his dispatch to the RPO, the IGP said that the latter had received a list of the traders who had been adulterating chemical and water to milk and meat, and selling other adulterated edibles for a long time, suggesting stern action against these elements who are playing havoc with the citizens. According to the secret agencies report, 13 shopkeepers and traders of Bahawalpur, 10 of Bahawalpur and 6 of Rahim Yar Khan are involved in adulteration. In compliance with the orders, the RPO has provided the list of the adulterators for the district police officers of three districts to ensure sale of pure and hygienic edibles. Simultaneously, much has been said about checking adulteration, but a little has so far been achieved. The country is in the grip of reckless adulteration. Specially, adulteration of food items is rampant. Commodities of different kinds from food items are being adulterated to drinks. The mixing of formalin with milk has further intensified the concern. Babies cannot do without milk, and so adulteration of it is a serious criminal offence, but that too is going unchecked. It is an open secret that a section of dishonest businessmen are engaged in making their fortunes by selling adulterated items of various kinds, from food to medicines. The consumers are cheated in different ways beginning from quality to weight. Formalin and various other chemicals are mixed with different food items to deceive them and earn extra profit. Even toxic chemicals are used in colouring and preserving fruit. All is being done despite the existence of the Pure Food (amendment) Act, the Mobile Court Ordinance 2009, the BSTI Ordinances and even the Consumers Rights Protection Act. Laws are there to prevent adulteration of food items, but there is no strict application of the laws. Due to the negligence of the authorities, greedy businessmen are deceiving consumers.