LONDON (Reuters) - Muammar Gaddafi is dead, killed by fighters who overran his hometown and final bastion on Thursday, Libya's new leaders said. Following is a selection of quotes from analysts, politicians and legal experts. Alison Smith (Legal Counsel, No Peace Without Justice) "Colonel Gaddafi does not deserve the honor of a battlefield death; his victims deserved that justice be done for the crimes committed against them." Axel Poniatowski (President Of The French Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee) "It marks the end of the military campaign. The urgency now in Libya is to disarm the various sides and put in place the democratic process. It's a definitive victory for NATO, which supported the rebels and marks the end of its mission." Larbi Sadiki (Expert On North African Politics At Exeter University) The real battle begins now to rein in the so-called 'thuwwar', and integrate them under the legal umbrella of the state in one of its various bureaucracies, army or police. There remains the biggest challenge of all: reconstruction and the battle for good government and equitable and sustainable development. this is brilliant news but lots of work lies ahead, including perhaps reaching for the loyal tribes to start a new page, and rally with other Libyans under the new themes of constitution-framing, institution-building and power-sharing... Richard Dicker (Head Of International Justice Program, Human Rights Watch) "Reports of Muammar Gaddafi's death, if accurate, deprives the Libyan people of the chance to see him held to account in a fair trial at the ICC for the egregious crimes he allegedly committed while suppressing peaceful demonstrations in February 2011. "However, his demise does not extinguish the need to bring to trial those most responsible for serious crimes against humanity and war crimes in Libya to fair trial in The Hague. There are outstanding arrest warrants for two other suspects. In addition, we look to the ICC Prosecutor to investigate allegations of other crimes against humanity and war crimes in Libya. The Prosecutor's mandate enables him to look at possible crimes committed by all sides in the armed conflict." Bernard-Henri Levy (French Philosopher) "My first reaction is relief because as long as Gaddafi was still alive and able to claim support in Sirte or elsewhere, the blood continued to flow, but with Gaddafi arrested, the war ends." Jim Swire (Father Of One Of The Lockerbie Victims) "There is much still to be resolved and we may now have lost an opportunity for getting nearer the truth." Alan Fraser (Middle East Analyst) "It is hugely symbolically important. If Gaddafi has been killed instead of captured, that means they will avoid a long drawnout trial that could potentially have been very divisive and revealed awkward secrets. There had also been rumors he might have fled south and be hiding with local tribes which could have destabilized a number of countries if he had tried to build up some kind of militia to retake power. NTC Beyond this, too, there are disputes between militia leaders, particularly over the command structure in Tripoli; And there are disputes over the future role of former members of the regime - see what happened to Mohamed Jibril and Abdelfattah Younis. And finally, there are disputes between different exile groups and those who remained in Libya throughout the regime. All these problems will now come to the surface and will make the transitional process from NTC to Provisional Government that much more difficult."