With 'the boy meets girl affair having become an integral part of our society, committing suicide after failing in love has become a matter of routine. In the latest tragedy which occurred on the Kinnaird College overhead bridge a dejected young man killed his girl friend and then shot himself in the temple and died. According to the eye witnesses the boy shouted, I cant leave you and dont want to live without you before firing bullets at the girl. Love is the natures blessing without which the world would be nothing but a barren stretch of land. It does not, however, mean that one should involve in some ones love to such an extent that life becomes meaningless. I think the life is too precious to be lost in this manner. Suicide does not reflect bravery on the part of a person but is an act of cowardice because it is committed by those who lack the courage of facing the adversities of life. Life is not always a bed of roses. It is a combination of ups and downs like happiness and gloom, success and failure, profit and loss, grace and disgrace and other radically opposite factors. It raises a person to the sky while it dumps the other in the sea. Bold are the ones who fight out the adverse elements and turn the tide in their favour. Failing in love is not a disaster for the strong hearted. Now some thing for the love birds; My dear boys and girls, you have the potential of touching the apex of any occupation that you choose to adopt and consequently enjoy all the pleasures of life. Do not forget this aspect before dipping yourself in the sea of emotions and planning to end your life prematurely. Falling in love is not a sin but do not let the intensity of your love rise to such an extent that it out-weighs the priceless love and affection of your parents who brought you up and educated you with all the devotion and even by making sacrifices. Same is for your brothers, sisters and friends who played with you and loved you since your childhood. The love of a person whose company you kept for a few months or years can never be more in depth and volume than all these people. Do not forget the shock, grief and agony your family and friends will receive from your 'demise in love. Failure in love is a disappointment that is short lived. Face it with courage may be your life partner gives you more love than your lost friend. RAFI NASIM, Lahore, October 20.