LAHORE A conspiracy is being hatched to introduce the 'Bangladesh model in Pakistan, a former law minister who is closer to President Zardari compared to any other leader of the ruling PPP alleged here on Thursday. Dr Babar Awan told senior journalists at a lunch hosted by Punjab Assembly opposition leader Raja Riaz that the PML-N was supporting the move believing that they would be the sole beneficiaries. However, he warned that they could be used as an instrument for the change of government and once the target was achieved they would be abandoned. What is called Bangladesh model is a non-political caretaker setup, very minutely scrutinized and supervised by superior judiciary. In this system the judiciary has enormous powers of judicial review of all actions taken by the administration. Rumours about the change of government have been going on for quite some time. However, this is the first time that a confidant of the president has chosen to speak about them. DrAwan believed that the government would survive all such conspiracies and the elections would be held in April-May 2013, on completion of the mandated constitutional term of five years of the present assemblies. The former law minister said that the recent proceedings undertaken by the Supreme Court in the Karachi killings were quite significant and could be used against the present government. He pointed out that while the court had talked of the failure of the government, some parties had suggested that an article of the Constitution could be used as substitute to the now repealed Article 58-2(B).which empowered the president to dissolve the National Assembly. He speculated that the head of the judiciary could become the president in the new system. DrAwan was critical of the activities of the Punjab government and the PML-N leadership, saying that they alone were working against the PPP-led coalition. There was no movement against the present government in the remaining provinces, he said. He said the march the PML-N was organising in Lahore on October 28 would be a 'billion march as Rs one billion would be spent to make it a successful show. Answering a question, the former law minister said that by-elections would be held on the seats to be vacated by the PML-N lawmakers. He said it was not necessary for the government to wait for three months to fill the vacant seats. Under the law, he said, elections on vacant seats could be held in as less as 10 days. When his attention was drawn to allegations that he was responsible for blocking the Nandipur power project, DrAwan said the assertion was completely baseless. According to him, a decision about the project had been taken by his predecessors, not him. He said after the 18th amendment provinces had also been empowered to undertake power generation projects and they could play an important role in overcoming the energy crisis. He said the situation would have been much better today if the PML-N leadership had not adopted an adversarial attitude towards the IPPs set up by the Benazir government. He defended the performance of the PPP government and said posterity would realize the significance of the steps taken by the present rulers. It was because of the steps taken by the present government, he said, that there was no insurgency now in Balochistan. He said while criticizing the performance of the present government, the critics must bear in mind the situation when it had taken over.