LAYYAH A rally consisted of more than 200 buses, vagons, coaches and cars led by Minster of Agriculture and PML-N District President Ahmah Ali Aulakh, MNA Abid Anwar Alvi, MPA Pir Saqlain Shah and PML-N Youth Wing President Malik Farooq went to DG Khan to attend PML-Ns 'Go Zardari campaign. Near about 10,000 peoples participated in the rally which was addressed by PML-N Qauid Muhammad Nawaz Shairf. The PML-N Qauid address was the beginning of PML-Ns 'Go Zardari campaign. The party plans to hold rallies all over the country and highlight issues like loadshedding, corruption and price-hike and mobilise people against the PPP government. In this connection, PML-N workers were mobilising the people to attend the procession.