LAHORE - The Jamaatud Dawa on Thursday strongly criticised the government for its 'principled decision to give India the status of the Most Favoured Nation, and said it would adversely affect the independence movement in occupied Kashmir and have serious implications for Pakistans national security. Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki, head of the Political Affairs section of the JuD, said while delivering a lecture at Hameed Nizami Hall that political and military leadership should not keep silent over the issue. India, he said, was not the most favoured but the most hated nation for Pakistan as the former had not accepted the Islamic Republic as an independent state to this day. Not only did India unjustly occupy Junagadh, Manavadar and Hyderabad but was also keeping 800,000 troops in occupied Kashmir, where they were involved in terrorist activities.The JuD leader said India was also responsible for the dismemberment of Pakistan, in view of which it could not be treated as an MFN. In his opinion the decision amounted to tying Pakistans hands and throwing it before India. Having done so, he said, there would be no justification left for Pakistan to oppose Indias bid to get a permanent seat of the UN Security Council. He said the prime minister had no authority whatsoever to bypass the parliament while taking this decision. He asked the govt if it consulted the families of the martyrs before taking such a decision. About the restrictions imposed on the US diplomats in Pakistan, Hafiz Makki said it was because of this single step that suicide attacks in the country had come down. He said Pakistan needed a senior person as its foreign minister.