SADIQABAD - Local PML-N leaders are allegedly making a full-scale effort to get over Rs 80 million development contracts cancelled as their alleged blue-eyed contractors remained failed in getting these contracts. If the contracts awarded to 100 contractors are cancelled, not only the contractors, but also the Tehsil Municipal Administration will bear a loss of hundreds of thousands of rupees. However, the TMA Contractors Association has protested the conspiracy being hatched by the N-League leaders of Rahim Yar Khan and pledged to move the court in case these contracts are cancelled. As per details, the Rahim Yar Khan Tehsil Council invited tenders for development projects last week, and the 142 contractors of the Tehsil Council submitted their tenders. During the process, the council earned about Rs 1 million. When the bidders proposals were evaluated according to the law, the bidders whose proposals were acceptable were awarded contracts. Nevertheless, the leaders blue-eyed bidders remained failed in getting contractors. In reaction, the failed bidders and the leaders are leaving no stone unturned to get the contracts cancelled through the Punjab government and political pressure. Moreover, the N leaders are politically pressuring the Bahawalpur commissioner, the Rahim Yar Khan district coordination officer and the TMA officials in a bid to get their alleged nefarious designs fulfilled. On the other side, the Contractors Association expressed its strict reaction to such efforts and condemned the elements for hatching conspiracies against the contractors, saying that the tendering and bidding process was transparent and fair, and free of corruption. The association also announced to cope with such efforts and to move the court if needed. It was of the view that leaders claims of serving the people had exposed because of creating hurdles to the projects of the district development and human welfare. The associations office-bearers also urged the officials concerned not to give in to the political pressure nor pay heed to leaders desires and let the development of the district continue.