KABUL (Agencies) - NATO and Afghan forces have killed at least 115 insurgents over the past week as part of an ongoing operation in a northeastern Afghanistan province, the coalition said Thursday, as it looks to curb insurgent activity along the border with neighboring Pakistan. The fighting in Kunar province, known for its rugged terrain that leaves coalition supply lines from Pakistan vulnerable to insurgent attacks, comes as Nato is stepping up efforts to secure the country and ready Afghan forces to fully take over security responsibilities before international forces wind down their combat mission in 2014. NATO said the operation has been going on since around Oct 15 and has included the use of fighter jets and long-range bombers. The alliance said that one NATO service member has been killed since the fighting began. It was not immediately clear if any Afghan troops had been killed. This is a series of multiple, smaller operations that have a combined, larger impact, said Master Sgt Nicholas Conner, a NATO spokesman at Bagram Air Field. Most of the Kunar region is marked with isolated pockets of villages that (Afghan and NATO) forces focus on at the company level or smaller. The border area with Pakistan has long been a source of concern for NATO and Afghan officials and forces. The region is rife with militant activity spearheaded by the Haqqani network, an Al-Qaeda and Taliban-linked movement that operates out of Pakistan and has been blamed for some of the most high-profile attacks in Afghanistans capital, Kabul. Kunar falls outside of that insurgent groups core area but has long been an al-Qaida den, drawing in foreign fighters who pose as much of a risk to Afghanistans future security as their Taliban allies. A host of other groups also operate in the region, where the presence of coalition and Afghan forces has been far less concentrated. That, along with the disputed Durand Line, the 19th century demarcation between present day Afghanistan and Pakistan, has become fertile ground for increased conflicts that draw in not only NATO and Afghan forces, but also the Pakistani military. The Kunar operations main focus is on cleansing the area of insurgent activity, said Conner, the NATO spokesman. The fact is, we target bad guys, he said. In tandem with NATOs Afghan partners, we go after them wherever they are; whoever they are. The aim is to create the conditions for a stable and peaceful region where the Afghan government is connected to the Afghan people and vice versa, he said. On Wednesday, Marine Gen John Allen said that the high-intensity, sensitive operation that began just a few days ago targets the Haqqani group, a Pakistan-based militant network that attacks Afghan and coalition forces. The US has been urging the Pakistanis incessantly to clamp down on Haqqani fighters, who have ties to both the Taliban and Al-Qaeda and have been blamed for most of the high-profile attacks in the heart of the Afghan capital, Kabul. Allen would not discuss details of the operation, saying only: Every now and again, one of these organisations that has been able to manifest itself on this side of the border is going to have to get some special attention, and thats whats happening now.