LAHORE The vendors of sacrificial animals are suffering badly as the city district government has not yet finalised the sale points for the above said animals ahead of about two and an half weeks of Eidul Azha, a survey conducted by TheNation revealed. The District Coordination Officer had sought report from the TMOs of all the towns of the City for setting up such sale points, which were not submitted yet. However, the local vendors set up their own sale points on various busy roads of the City unlawfully. The growing number of such illegal sale points not only creating problems for the commuters but also for the town administrations. An official of the CDGL told that authorities concerned had asked the administrations of all the nine towns to prepare suggestions in order to improve the administrative affairs of such proposed sale points. He said that previous year, the district administration warned the animal traders to sell their animals at the approved sale points, otherwise they would be fined. The same instructions were expected for this year but this time the administration could initiate strict action against the traders in case of any violation because of dengue outbreak, the official further maintained. On the other hand, the animals traders, whether came from other cities or belonged to the provincial metropolis were establishing their sale points in the surroundings of an officially approved animals market of the City located at Shahpur Kanjra, Multan Road and that are growing rapidly even without getting the permission of the authorities. A trader Saeed alleged that contractors of such market and the CDGL officials were giving permission for the sale of their animals only those traders who were bribing them for getting some space in the 'Mandi. The prices of sacrificial animals are likely to be doubled as compared to the previous years due to various reasons including the hike in prices of animal feed and other expenditures like transportation, residence, and government fees, the trader added.