It is heartening to note that Beijing is supporting Pakistans bid to get a non-permanent seat at the UN Security Council, a move that must have greatly distressed New Delhi. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson's statement that China attaches great importance to Pakistans request for a seat on the UNSC and that it is in favour of Pakistan playing a bigger role in maintaining international peace and security has been rightly appreciated by our Ambassador Masood Khan as a rare and precious gesture. While the main locus of the world power are of course the Big-5 the five permanent members, especially given their veto wielding power the ten non-permanent countries selected for a period of two years, have their own unique place in the decision making process. Under certain circumstances these non-permanent countries are required to cast their vote. Pakistan must use the forum to pave the way for settlement of its outstanding issues with India, particularly the nuclear flashpoint of Kashmir, for which the UN itself had passed resolutions calling for a just settlement. It is a pity that the resolutions have been reduced to sheets of paper gathering dust primarily because of the double-standards of certain powers calling the shots in the Security Council. With Pakistan building greater pressure on them to implement the resolutions, there is reason to believe that the effort will pay the much needed dividend. Likewise, we have not been able to take up the matter of Indias water theft at the UN in a manner that could have ensured us our due share of Indus water. New Delhi has only taken advantage of our lack of action and is currently in the process of building over 60 dams on Indus river. Then there are serious issues of human rights violations like for instance the recent discovery of 2,700 mass graves in northern part of the Held Kashmir containing badly mutilated bodies of Kashmiris that has yet to receive the attention of the Security Council. With an uncertain situation in Afghanistan, Islamabads importance in the UN has only increased substantially. Also, the Muslim world that looks up to Pakistan as an influential player in international affairs has its own set of expectations which we must try our best to live up to. Let us show to the world that our commitment to lead is motivated by peaceful intentions and that we are capable of shouldering this responsibility with grace and dignity.