LAHORE The cancellation and delay in various PIA flights continued on Thursday.The national carrier cancelled two international flights and one domestic flight on issues. Sources said that flights of PK 874 from Karachi to Colombo, PK 788 from London to Karachi and PK 523 from Karachi to Gawader were cancelled while PK 723 from Lahore to New York via Manchester was delayed. PK 3539 carrying mostly pilgrims to Jeddah taxied towards the runway in Multan despite concerns from passengers on board as they felt smoke inside, the sources said. Later the passenger protested and plane was stopped to take-off, they added. There are also reports that the passengers who traveled through PK 264 from Abudahbi to Lahore on October 18 and through PK 218 from Abudahbi to Islamabad on October 19 could not get their luggage yet. Similarly, the baggage of the passengers traveled by PK 220 Abudahbi to Islamabad and PK 238 Abudahbi to Karachi was yet to arrive.