LAHORE Pinning hope on the govts promises for injecting money in the cash-strapped utility and private sector assurance for investment in the Railways, Pakistan Railways General Manager Saeed Akhtar has announced a plan for bringing improvement in the department within months. Addressing a Press conference at Railways Headquarters here on Thursday, he said all the working and retired employees would be provided salaries and pension till October 25th. 'Railways is not going to collapse, things will improve and no worker will be deprived of job, he said while telling the decisions taken in the recent meeting with President Asif Ali Zardari. He said that the bank loan of Rs six billion has almost been arranged and the money would be used for repairing locomotives. The GM said that the government would provide Rs two billion monthly to Railways while the Railways itself has been earning Rs one billion in a month. He stated that Rs three billion every month would be used for the payment of salaries, pension and electricity and gas bills. 'I hope now we will not face the problems for provision of salaries, pension and electricity and gas bills, he stated. According to General Manager, 400 locomotives out of 500 available with the Railways are repairable. Some of them, he told the reporters, have minor faults and could be used for freight and passenger services. He said that government had fixed Rs three billion for the maintenance of existing 130 locomotives in annual budget besides govt will provide Rs 800 million which would be utilised for repair of 46 locomotives in the next six months. 'On our request the government promised Rs four billion monthly subsidy for the Railways, he said, adding, in this connection we will get Rs 48 billion annually and it will be more helpful if the government instead of releasing Rs four billion per month provided us Rs 30 to 32 billion in one hand as front loading. He said all the amount would be used for the restoration of engines. Other efforts, the GM told media-persons, for bringing improvement in the utility were the outsourcing of trains, controlling the ticket theft and corruption within the departments. 'You are witnessing our efforts for eradication of corruption, we will take more strict actions against the corruption in future, he assured. He said the World Bank would reveal its finding on November 15th regarding the problems facing the utility as the talks with the WB were in process in this regard, he added. He appealed to the workers not to close trains running while protesting against the delay in provision of salaries.