Scarlett Johansson is reportedly dating Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The 'Avengers' star was spotted in a clinch with the 30-year-old actor during a night out in New York last month and onlookers revealed the pair looked very happy together. An eyewitness told Us Weekly magazine: "They were kissing. They were very lovey." Another source added: "They first met about a film they wanted to do together, but it's gone beyond that now." Scarlett's marriage to the 'Green Lantern' actor Ryan Reynolds ended last December and the 26-year-old actress - who went on to date Sean Penn afterwards - recently admitted she was "quite depressed" about splitting from her husband and turned to her family for support. She said: "At first I was quite depressed. After about a week or so I pulled myself together and started to go to the gym all the time. Luckily, I've got a few very close girlfriends who have been by my side for 15 years now, who I can talk to about everything and confide in.EPS