LAHORE A government primary school constructed just some six months ago with an estimated cost of Rs five million in Jhugian Jattan Diyan village, is near to collapse, thanks to an influential land Mafia for continuing massive digging around the school building. Local residents said that dozens of students are studying at the village school located near Mahmood Booti flyover at Ring Road and the building could collapse on them any time. They demanded the authorities to take immediate action to avert a possible tragedy. They also said that cracks had developed in the school building due to the massive digging while the sand Mafias operation also badly damaged the foundation of the school. Wali Muhammad, a 90-year-old local farmer, said that some contractors took a few acres piece of land on contract a few years ago and started pulling out sand from the fields. He said that some politicians and police officers are backing this sand Mafia as they are minting millions of rupees from them. Another farmer Muhammad Khalid said that the armed men of the Mafia are threatening the local farmers to sell their pieces of land to them on minor prices.