A woman has received a phone bill of $201,005.44 (126,000). Celina Aarons from Fort Lauderdale, Florida usually pays around $175 (110) a month, but found out about her latest total when the 43-page bill was delivered. Her brother Shamir is said to be the reason behind the large amount. On Celina's phone plan, he sent more than 2,000 texts, left his data roaming on and downloaded numerous videos while on a two-week holiday in Canada. Celina's two brothers rely on texting as they are both mute and deaf. She told television station WSVN: "It's never going to get paid [because] I can't pay that. That's like paying [for] a nice house right now based on what houses are going for." WSVN got in touch with her provider T-Mobile. The phone company has reduced the original amount to $2,500 (1,600) and has allowed her six months to pay off the bill. DS