LAHORE The worst traffic mess erupted in Defense Housing Authority (DHA) area, shortly after two influential families challenged each other following a road accident, which led to a clash during rush hours. Police sources said that two sons of Tariq Afridi, the Principal Secretary to Punjab Governor exchanged harsh words with a woman, said to be the close relative of a senior police officer, soon after their cars hit each other. The woman immediately called in her body guards who arrived at the scene within a few minutes with automatic weapons and started brutally torturing the sons the Tariq Afridi. Eyewitnesses said that local shopkeepers closed down their shops due to fear soon after the gunmen publicly started thrashing Haris Afridi and Habeeb Afridi, the sons of the Principal Secretary to Governor. The incident also caused the worst traffic mess in the busy and posh locality. The victims told the police that they were coming back after shopping from H-Block market when the car of the woman hit their vehicle. However, the woman told the police that the car of the boys hit her vehicle due to over speeding. The police have registered a case against five people on the complaint of the torture victims and are investigating.