ISLAMABAD The launching ceremony of book Pakistan: A Personal History, by Imran Khan, a blend of countrys history and his own autobiography, held here on Thursday at a local hotel. Terming it a must-read book for youth of Pakistan, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Imran Khan said the book is meant for anyone especially the youngsters who are confused about the future of Pakistan. He spoke eloquently about the role the young generation could play in the country and said that he had dedicated his book to his two sons and the youth of the country. He said that the future of the country rested in their hands. He said that, even in the worst of times, despondency and hopelessness should not be allowed to take over. On the contrary, one should continue working for the promotion of the ideals of truth, honesty and dedication putting ones faith in the inevitability of change for the better Khan termed the Allama Muhamamd Iqbal as ideological father of the country and said that Iqbal did not encourage sectarian divide among the Muslims. Iqbals teaching inspired him to a great extent. He advised youth to give up all kind of fears to bring a change, Khan held. He asked the youth to take part in the politics and do not consider it a dirty play if they want to see the future of the country bright. We should stand up against the criminals and corrupt rulers, he said. Since 9/11, Muslims throughout the world are being suspected, he said. The Muslim dictators also become part of the conspiracy and stood with the US, he maintained. No religion of the world teaches its followers to blow themselves up, he added. There were not religious but political reasons behind unrest and surge of {Al-Qaeda} Osama Bin Ladin, he held. Air Martial (Retired) Asghar Khan was the chief guest on the occasion, who strongly criticised the huge budgetary allocation for defence. There is no justification of such a huge military spending in a country where only one per cent is spent on education, he said. I assure you India would never attack Pakistan, he said. Representing the youth of the country, Adeel Hashmi stressed the relevance of black and white in the context of the contemporary environment obtaining in Pakistan. He said Imran was the one leader who had the courage to speak the truth under trying circumstances. Thats what endeared him to the youth of the country who had attached their hopes and aspirations with him and his party. Mushahid Hussain spoke of the relevance of Imrans message in current times saying that his success could herald the much-needed change in the country. Dr Shireen Mazari, Vice President, Foreign Affairs and National Security of PTI performed the function of the stage secretary.