I went to offer fateha at the Shadman graveyard and was astonished to see the mass desecration of graves in the name of fight against Dengue. There was a poster displaying the proud faces of PML-N leader’s responsible for this act. Small green patches on top of all the cemented graves have been removed and sealed with cement, it as an ugly site and totally un-necessary activity.

On whose authority this desecration of private graves has been carried out? How much public money was wasted and who is the beneficiary of this project? Such high handedness and in-sensitivity on the part of elected leaders is deplorable and should be stopped with an apology to the family members. Dengue virus spreads in clean stagnant water not green decoration patches on graves, perhaps the PML-N honchos are not educated or very informed. I am sure Pakistan deserves saner leadership.


Lahore, October 18.