We are proud to be Muslims and rightly so, but we are Muslims in name only. Allah Almighty has bestowed on us His book, the holy Quran, a complete code of conduct through His greatest Prophet (PBUH), who has shown us the true path to follow and how to avoid pitfalls in our life. Allah has called us Muslims, followers of 'Islam' which literally means peace. Allah says, 'In the Prophet's life, there is the 'Aswa-i-Husna', for you to follow, the best example of how to lead your life'. Allah God Almighty has commanded us to spread His message to everyone, near or far, by word and by example of conduct, so the mankind learns to lead a life of peace and justice, free of strife, without any distinction of powerful or weak, rich or poor. How unfortunate that instead of us showing the path to others, it is the others, mostly western societies, who are showing us the path of a humane society.

They are not believers in one Allah and they certainly do not believe in our Prophet (PBUH), but they have established a civil society where, everybody has equal rights and anybody can progress by merit and hard work. Where, if you go out in the street or to a function, nobody notices your color, white or black, or the dress you are wearing, if you are rich or poor, whether you are tall or short, or a man or a woman. If a married couple has only daughters, but no sons, people don’t raise their eye-brows nor do they utter ‘tch tch’ nor express grief with the couple nor condole their ill-luck.

A girl is held in the same esteem as a boy, if not better. If a woman has passed marriageable age according to our standards, again no eye-brows are raised, nor condolences offered; same is with a divorcee in the west. On the contrary what happens in our society especially to women is beyond the pale of imagination. On top of that the prevalent corruption, deceit, falsehoods, street crimes, murder of innocent people and kidnappings in the country show a society gone rogue. No wonder the western countries seeing our conduct, think that our conduct represents the teachings of Islam and if this is Islam, they say they are better off, without it.


Lahore. October 18.