ISLAMABAD - Nigeria has started registration of citizens after the formal inauguration and issuance of National Identity Card to President of Nigeria on Thursday.

The National Identity Card Programme was formally inaugurated at a formal event held at the Nigerian Presidency in Abuja in which Goodluck Jonathan, the First Lady, Vice President and other dignitaries were enrolled for National Identity using backend system powered by NADRA, NADRA spokesperson disclosed this in a press release issued here on Sunday.

The spokesperson informed that NADRA is working with its counterpart Nigerian Government Agency; National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) to deliver a robust National Identity Management System to assist the Government of Nigeria in the issuance of Smart ID cards to its citizens.

The Nigerian President at the inauguration function observed that his country could not be an exception to the global trend towards Identity Management and Centralized National Identity Database.

He further noted that already, “there is a growing quest for specific databases and identity verification by several government institutions and private sector organizations in our country”.

Federal Minister for Interior and Narcotics Control Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan congratulated the Nigerian Government and expressed his optimism for the strengthened ties between the two countries.

He also praised the NADRA management and project team for the hard work they have demonstrated to bring this success.

Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik, who was invited but could not go to Nigeria, in his message said that this is a landmark achievement which will get additional IT projects from within Nigeria and across African region.

It is encouraging to see that customized system indigenously developed by NADRA has now empowered the Government of Nigeria in issuance of tamperproof, secure Smart National ID Cards to Nigerian citizens.

The spokesman said that NADRA is expected to sign additional business from Nigeria that involves integration of IRIS (eye scan technology) with Nigerian ID Card System, further strengthening the security features of the back-end System, learnt through reliable sources within NADRA.

NADRA’s international projects include Machine Readable Passport issuance System for Kenya, Driving Licensing System for Bangladesh and Civil Registration System in Sudan. Recently, NADRA has also been short listed on Identity Card System for Sri Lanka. NADRA is among top 50 systems integrators in world ranking according to Italy based ID World Congress ratings.