The Chief Justice of Sind High Court said it all when he stated the unfortunate reality, that there existed a group amongst the lawyer community, who were hell bent upon seeking their pound of flesh, for their role in restoration of an independent judiciary. Had it not been for massive support of people, the lawyers alone could not have made the impact, forcing a military dictator and an NRO hatched corrupt political leadership to restore Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry and his fellow judges.

What people of Pakistan could never comprehend were motives of few members of powerful lawyers community, for whom neither provision of justice, nor restoration of equal rights and opportunities, was objective, but their aim was hiking legal remuneration to unacceptable levels from corrupt traders, bureaucrats and political opportunists, and powerful land mafia of this country, who having plundered this country, could afford to pay millions hiring branded lawyers, to help them evade accountability by exploiting legal technicalities and making delivery of justice a myriad beyond reach of common citizens.

When the Superior Judiciary did not oblige them, these greed dominateed lawyers became their biggest critics, even more than tin pot dictator who had sacked them. It is also a sad reality that instead of emulating high standards of ethics and judicial morality set in Pakistan by Justice Cornelius, few judges succumbed to temptations of adopting VIP culture, turning a blind eye to their scions urge to exploit this new found independence, for furthering their personal business ventures. Equally unfortunate is the fact that prominent lawyers, instead of following role models like Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Gandhi, Allama Iqbal, Abraham Lincoln.


Lahore, October 18.