PESHAWAR  - Condemning the statement of Awami National Party Senator Zahid Khan against Imran Khan and his party, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Minister Shah Farman said that people know very well that who fled the scene after Charsadda bomb blast.

In a statement, he expressed concern over the statement of Zahid Khan and Sharjeel Meman, calling Imran Khan a coward leader. He said that the leaders of Awami National Party have made their houses like bankers while its leaders leaving the dead bodies of workers and fled the scene in helicopter then how such people can target Imran Khan who is always seen among workers in each hour of grief.

He said that how a person could become leader when he could not attend the funeral prayers of his poor party workers. He said that despite his injury, Imran has tried his best to reach Peshawar even in tough physical condition while the opponents are now targeting him by making false propaganda to misguide the people.

He said that how can ANP and PPP criticise the PTI in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, saying that both parties ruled the country for five years but nothing was done for the relief of poor masses.

He mentioned that the PTI now becomes a movement of the poor and working class and no one could misguide its workers through such means tactics.