Electricity, water and Sui gas are basic needs and their supply is important. For decades these resources were available on low subsidized rates, which made it easy for consumers to pay for them. In 2008 the PML-N Government deliberately created a fake shortfall to confuse the common man and they removed all subsidiaries and raised the cost making life difficult.

Similarly the sudden sharp increase in cost per unit resulted in mass stealing by the poor citizens. The new distribution of work and responsibilities, in various organizations that deal with these resources, has resulted in bad management where the recent fake electricity billing is a good example of this problem. Since the resources are important for basic survival the government should create a special law that ensures ISO certified Customer Service and dispute resolution facilities in all such organizations.

This customer service facility should have a time limit of one month to resolve the issues and should have relevant by-laws to provide help to citizens in payment, investigation, new connections and dispute resolution. Better customer service and dispute resolution is not only the right of every citizen but such facility will also help reduce corruption in the organizations, reduce line losses and stealing, reduce civil cases in local courts and as well as reduce civil agitation.

Since Nawaz Sharif experienced firsthand, how his factory dispute with SNGPL was not resolved for 11 years or until he became Prime Minister, he should ensure a law so that other Pakistani’s do not have to go through the same stressful situation.


Peshawar, October 16.