There have been many ways to promote a film, now media has taken steps to endorse the cinema in universities. This is new for many people as universities may invite motivational speakers, social activists and politicians; Institute of Business Management (IOBM) has welcomed ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ team for its Media studies students. This session was held for promotion as well as film technique learning for the students. It was not surprising that the audience gave a positive response.

The sight of three large cameras on dolly stands compelled everyone to think that something big was going to happen. The girls behind the camera were eager to shoot as the team of ‘Na Maloom Afrad’ climbed the stage at auditorium in IOBM before its grand release. The team was in a very positive spirits that their comedy movie would do great overall. Fahad Mustafa, the lead actor, enthusiastically said “You must watch the movie in cinemas twice or thrice if you like it.” The auditorium roared with applauses and was followed by the question and answer session. The audience of IOBM sitting at the auditorium questioned Nabeel Querishi if the team was particularly nervous about another Pakistani film being released on the same day. Qureshi firmly replied, “For revival of our cinema, people should extend their support to both films”. Such pro-active steps to promote an ailing Pakistani cinema should be appreciated.


Karachi, October 18.