I shudder at thought of an outbreak such as Ebola in Pakistan, where government medical facilities are nonexistent, and corruption infected check posts, at airports and seaports have been facilitating criminals to walk in and out of the country, no questions asked. There are thousands of our people serving as Peace Keeping troops in Sierra Leone and countries which have been put on watch list by world community, apart from sailors and aircrew working in charter companies, who frequently visit the region.

As Pakistan is on the Polio watch list, with Hepatitis having assumed an epidemic situation, yet neither civil society, nor political elite consider it important to raise their voices. Even in the presence of existing health hazards, we witness prolonged Dharnas, with minimal sanitation and hygienic facilities, nor clean drinking water. I hope somebody will spare a moment to give this a thought, because our electronic media seems to be over committed in pursuing of political agendas, or else don’t have time to focus on public health issues.


UAE, October 19.