Whether we accept it or not ISIS was born out of the West and Syrian rebel groups’ wedlock; afterwards it turned out to be a sectarian monster which started eating everyone including its own parents. West is again out to drum up a war against this illegitimate child; there is no doubt that this cult of fanatics should be crushed but are we fair in the strategy? West needs to learn lessons from Pakistan, which had not yet been able to get out of its ‘good and bad Taliban’ quagmire. If war machine goes ahead, as outlined by the American congress, by aiding the moderate Syrian rebels and a general consent to keep Iran out of any coalition, then we shall not expect any letup in terrorist activities by any group in near future.

War against ISIS can’t be won without clear targets, harmony and sincerity among partners. If the West goes ahead with aiding Syrian rebels, in the hope to later topple Assad and put up a front for Iran to fight, then we are moving in circles. All the partners have to put aside their hidden agenda of ‘good and bad Taliban’ and commit to eliminate this monster. West has to work with regional countries — Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran to have troops on ground under a single command to mop the area of terrorists after air strikes.


Saudi Arab, September 23.