As the total number of dengue fever cases reported at Nishtar Hospital has risen to 210 on Tuesday, the district administration hired 18 entomologists to step up fight against the virus spreading mosquito.

The experts were hired from Bahauddin Zakariya University and they would impart training to the field workers besides suggesting appropriate pesticide for eliminating dengue mosquito larva.

After dengue outbreak in Rawalpindi, the government has declared Multan a high-risk district. Sources said that the rapid increase in dengue patients forced the district administration to adopt new strategies to defeat the disease. Nishtar Hospital sources disclosed that a total of 28 new dengue cases were reported at the hospital on Tuesday, taking the total of 210. As many as 198 patients are from Multan while the remaining 12 from other parts of South Punjab. Sources added that 33 patients were still admitted while the remaining were discharged after treatment. Sources disclosed that the highest number of dengue infection cases were reported from Sher Shah Town where 117 patients suffered from this fever. Similarly, as many as 43 cases were reported from Bosan Town, 21 Shah Rukan-e-Alam town and 14 Sher Shah town.

Meanwhile, DCO Zahid Saleem Gondal told the journalists that the support from NGOs and technical departments had also been sought in fight against dengue. He added that the pesticide was poured in ponds and fountains to stop the growth of larva while the surveillance of all under construction plazas, buildings, factories and graveyards was also being done on daily basis. He revealed that 60 per cent of total larva traced so far was found at homes which was an issue of serious concern.

The DCO also carried out surprise visit of different areas of city and issued order for sealing three buildings in Shah Rukan-e-Alam town as trash was found outside these buildings. He said that the solid waste management company was given special task to keep the city clean and 1,700 sanitary workers were deployed for this purpose.