KARACHI:  The Sindh High Court (SHC)  ordered Additional Attorney General to present documents pertaining to the arrest of Dr Asim Hussain case. Dr Asim, a former federal minister and chairman of the provincial Higher Education Commission (HEC) was arrested by the Rangers on August 26. A petition has been filed in the SHC challenging his arrest.

During the hearing the SHC was informed by the Sindh Advocate General (AG) Abdul Fateh Malik that Rangers did not seek permission from the provincial government for Dr Asim’s arrest nor it was presented any charges against him.

The AG further said that Dr Asim was not a criminal and no evidence against him was provided to the Sindh government.

The SHC asked the AG if he could present a single order in which the Rangers had sought permission prior to the arrest of any individual from the Sindh government. The SHC questioned what would happen to the thousand of suspects who were being kept at detention centres by Rangers.

The AG said powers granted to the Rangers under Article 147 were not extended by the Sindh Assembly and this was supposed to take place in 60 days, adding that the extension would take place.

Advocate General Malik further said that the detention of Dr Asim was unlawful.

The Additional Attorney General was directed by the SHC to present documents pertaining to the arrest of Dr Asim during the next hearing of the case on October 27.