ISLAMABAD - Indian government-backed fanatics Shiv Sena had exposed real face of the world's so-called biggest democracy India when they attacked Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) office in Mumbai just before the highly significant meeting between Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Shaharyar Khan and Pakistan Super League head Najam Sethi with BCCI president Shashank Manohar.

It was just an act of terrorism and should be condemned in the best possible words. The PCB officials were on the visit on India’s invite for talks on resumption of bilateral cricketing ties, but Manohar, the host, failed to honour his guests and commitment.

The way the BCCI and Indian government succumbed to the extremists makes it obvious that it was a pre-planned drama to justify dishonoring the pledges and MOUs it had made with Pakistan.

The way Indian fanatics had attacked Mumbai-based BCCI office just before the meeting was evident of the fact that Narendra Modi’s government is fully backing extremist Hindus and is a clear proof that Modi is the biggest hatemonger and a real threat to the peace of South Asia.

Never in the history such ugly scenes have been witnessed when a high-level delegation visit to hold it only happens in India. Now is the time that Pakistan Cricket Board chairman must open his eyes and stop begging BCCI for resumption of cricket between both nations. God forbids, if any untoward incident happened with Shahryar and Sethi, who would have been held responsible? Shiv Sena, Indian government or BCCI President?

It was against all norms to treat honourable guests in such a shameful and totally unacceptable manner. It also badly exposed India’s security. If security forces can't prevent handful of extremists/terrorists then how on earth it would be possible for them to control a sizable mob? It also indicates that all was done with the blessings of Modi and his close aides, as it would have not been possible for Shiv Sena fanatics to break down security barriers and enter BCCI headquarters in Mumbai without insiders support.

Pakistan umpire Aleem Dar also was being threatened by Shiv Sena and instead of protecting Dar, the ICC (Indian Cricket council) has withdrawn him from the event. Now is the time for the cricket community to shed the Indian Cricket Council tag and should become a real international organization to protect the game and the rights of the persons who are related to the game instead of protecting Hindu interests only.

Pakistani government now must wake up and give Indians a real shut-up call. The country’s dignity and respect must be placed beyond any diplomacy and interests and that message must be given in a loud and clear way to the Indians.

Indians must not consider Pakistan's peace initiative as weakness. Pakistanis are peace-loving nation, but no one could dare to think that we would compromise on our dignity and self-respect. And Indians must remember that Pakistan can teach it a befitting lesson to remember forever.